Predicting Digital Video Trends For 2021

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So much has changed this year due to COVID-19, but one particular transition we cannot ignore is the mass adoption of online communication especially among businesses for internal and external interactions. The life that we knew has been replaced to an extreme degree by digital connections and communication, which is something we all expected to happen, but not overnight as it did.

At the start of the year, companies were forced to look into digital communication options due to lockdowns and social distancing. This has led many businesses to inspect and improve all aspects of communication. Even now, different industries are reevaluating their communication dynamics from how they train, make presentations, host remote conferences, and conduct team meetings. While they optimize their remote communication to cope with current requirements, we believe that remote communication will continue to grow in importance across different industries over time.

After realizing the benefits of online communication, businesses have begun to explore the exciting possibilities of remote communication through digital media that have been growing in effectiveness over the years. As digital media has improved drastically, it provides more effective ways to communicate and fundamentally change the way companies interact internally and externally, even after the pandemic.

In fact, we believe that in the upcoming year, companies will explore even more ways to leverage digital media. They will produce more video, audio, interactive presentations that can be engaging even when applied remotely. They will even explore ways to make this media remotely to use as a communication tool.

As digital media producers, Spear + Magic Productions and other companies like us will be challenged to meet new communication needs. This is mainly because we will have to provide new, effective solutions for remote communication. Clients will request us to push creative boundaries to meet their requirements.

We will experience a great shift in our industry that is based on traditional forms of production and video projects to one that learns to adapt to new remote needs. We expect remote production to also increase, and lead to the simplification of the production process. This will translate into the delivery of clear messages to audiences. Leveraging technology will increase as well for clients to communicate more effectively in a new environment.

Bottom line

Overall, the rising need for remote digital communication will be a positive change all around. It will help clients become more effective in their communications, and leaner and meaner while opening up more opportunities for forward-thinking digital media production companies like us!

Additionally, though this change has been thrust upon our business by a global pandemic, it has forced us to be more effective and explore new communication options for training, education, networking, community, marketing, presentation, and more. In the long run, this will help bridge many gaps and boost businesses in several ways.

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