How To Create High-Quality Video Content

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If used carefully, video can be a powerful means of communication. It can connect you to the right audience and attract them to your products and services. Moreover, it can be used as an excellent tool for education. Video is highly engaging and influential as it includes interactive visual aspects unlike any other form of media.

However, with the development of video production, the video content that makes a big impact today has been refined. If your content doesn’t match this modern level video quality, your audience will not latch on. As a result, when producing video content, you must recognize the set quality standards and incorporate them into your videos. To help you with this, the experts at Spear & Magic Productions have explained below how to create high-quality video content for digital communication, direct response media production, and E-learning.

1. Digital Communication
Digital communication refers to ideas or messages put forth in the form of video content. For effective digital communication, you must concentrate on the core message you want to get across to your audience. To do this, bear in mind these three primary concepts:

Focus of the message: The success of your digital communication usually depends on how effectively your message is conveyed to your target audience. If you want people to understand what you have to say through your videos, make sure you focus on your message.

Clarity of the message: Besides focusing on what you want to say, make sure you say it in simple terms, so people understand it. If your target audience includes people of different ages, economic groups, etc., it should be inclusive and comprehensible for everyone.

Production value: Another aspect that adds value to digital communication is how it is produced. If you use the services of a professional production company with sufficient experience, producing high-quality content will be easier than you expect. They will know how to draw attention to video content, tell stories, and create high-quality videos.

How to check the quality of your digital communication?

a. Look out for flashy production techniques
Flashy productions usually involve excessive editing that grabs the eye but offers up no value. Flashy production techniques are generally used to attract attention but often lack substance. This can prevent your audience from seeing the message you want them to. If the content looks really cool but doesn’t communicate the intended message in the end, it is not of high quality. Too many production companies place the value of image above the function of the piece. If it seems like they are more concerned with their reel than executing your message- they probably are! And, this will translate to a great-looking video that says nothing!

b. Pay attention to the video length
To capture your target audience’s attention, you need to keep your video content duration short. Anything beyond two to three minutes is too long and will cause your audience to lose interest. The shorter your digital communication is, the catcher it will be. That said, if it is too short, you may not be able to convey your entire message across.

c. See if the piece effectively communicates your idea
If your video successfully showcases the message you want to convey, you have valuable production on your hands. But if your digital communication doesn’t express the message you want to get across, you will need to rework it. 

If you can show the piece of media to an uninformed third party, and after viewing it, that third party can quickly and comprehensively convey the message back to you, then you have a quality piece of digital communication.

2. Direct Response Media Production
These are promotions or advertisements that urge viewers to get in touch with your company by giving you a call, dropping a text, or sending in an email. With direct response media productions, you need to produce content that is attractive enough to encourage immediate action. To do this, here are the main aspects you need to focus on:

Present an alluring offer: Your clients should feel drawn into your video content, so make them an offer they cannot refuse. If you are producing digital promotions for products, the offer should make your audience want to acquire it immediately to experience its benefits.

Create a sense of urgency: As we said in the previous point, your video should excite viewers and encourage them to try your offerings. Your content must help them see that they lack what you have to offer, and by acquiring your products or services, they can solve big problems.

How to check the quality of your direct response media production?

a. Check for production value
Take a look at the tools, technique, and skill that is going into your production. Good quality content utilizes only the best implements, so make sure your production company is giving you their highest quality. Also, stay away from flashy production techniques.

b. Look for clever storytelling
Besides good quality visuals, you also need to have good storytelling. This plays a vital role in conveying your message to your audience and encouraging them to make an effort to avail of your products and services.

c. See if there is clear communication
When you playback the video, it should demonstrate the value of the product or service you are showcasing. It must also present a compelling offer and clear instructions for how clients should act. With clear instructions, people know what to do once they’ve heard your message.

3. E-Learning Media
Just like the previous two forms of video production, E-learning also requires clarity and engaging visuals to ensure your audience takes away the details you want them to. For this reason, you need to make sure that your content contains:

Clear information: The information you add to your videos, be it visual or audio, must be easy to understand. If it isn’t, your audience will tune out. The format of the E-learning material needs to be digestible too.

Helpful visuals: Similarly, make sure that your videos have useful visuals that help viewers learn and understand better and absorb the material with ease. You could include examples, playout instances, or provide live demonstrations.

Dynamic presentation: The presentation of the E-learning media must be engaging and dynamic in nature. If it’s just blocks of endless text or an individual going on and on, the content can get incredibly boring, which defeats its purpose. As a result, it must be engaging and impactful. That said, avoid flashy production techniques as they lower the value of what you have to offer.

How to check the quality of your E-learning media?

a. See if it is easy to comprehend
The content that is produced must be easy to understand. It must include visual aids that add value to the content and make it easy to follow. A lack of visual aids is usually a sign of low-quality content. Poor formatting, unfocused video, rambling audio, or confusing dialogue are also signs of weak content that’s difficult to understand.

b. Check if it a manageable length
While it can be tempting to create long educational videos, it’s essential to avoid going overboard. If your content is too long, it will be difficult for your audience to manage. If possible, use visual aids to add value and reduce the speaking part of the video and, in turn, the length of the content.

Hiring the right production expert
There are many talented filmmakers who create works of beauty. But filmmakers don’t always know how to portray E-learning and digital communication effectively. For this reason, it is vital to work with a production company that has the experience and fundamental understanding of producing the content that you need.

When it comes to hiring a production company, make sure you go for one that you know about in terms of professionalism and capabilities. Ask them about their past projects and how long they have worked with their clients. See what kind of communication techniques they employ and how they integrate it into the media. Also, communicate to them your goals for your project so they know what you expect of them.

Similarly, when you ask them how they plan to execute your project, the answer should be (along the line of) “to communicate your idea effectively,” everything else - such as aesthetics or projection techniques should be secondary.

If a digital media company spends more time talking about production techniques than understanding your message, there’s a good chance they don’t understand what is important to you, and you will end up with content that doesn’t work the way you expected it to. The majority of your pre-production conversation should be about the function of your video, seeking to understand your message and the best way to format that message.

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