How Spear + Magic Productions Helped A Client Meet Their Production Goals And Budget

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As a digital media production company, finding the right solution for our clients’ digital communication needs is always at the forefront of our service. Every solution we provide must be unique to the needs and means of the client for it to stand out and acquire the desired engagement.

Not too long ago, the team at Recruit 360 needed a video that explained their multi-faceted service at a length that made sense for consumption through their website and digital distribution. This video had to be one of a kind and engaging. However, we were faced with several challenges that forced us to think innovatively. Keep reading to learn how we helped them meet their video production requirement while staying within their limits.

The Challenge: Getting the message across through minimal content
When developing an explainer video, the challenge is always two-fold. That is, how to reduce the content to its most essential, easily understood form; and how to effectively supplement that content through visuals.

There was a lot of valuable information related to the client’s many services and benefits. But, we had to streamline this large amount of data into a comprehensive and straightforward message by identifying and focusing on the core aspects, while staying within the limitations of the project’s budget.

The Solution: Developing a hybrid content format
To adhere to the project budget, we leveraged stock footage to help reinforce the message and showcase the diversity of industries the client is able to service. We combined this footage with motion graphics titles, icons, and animated sequences that supported learning and comprehension. Through this hybrid format, we found the sweet spot that met our client’s needs.

Like all of our projects, this one was unique and required its own formula to achieve the client’s goals. Sometimes creative solutions are realized immediately, and others work themselves out during the production process. We’ve learned to trust the process, and this often helps us reach the outcome expected. For our client Recruit 360, finding the right balance of live-action images and animation was a process that worked itself out over just a few edits and some feedback from the client. The project encouraged our team to think outside the box and to create something unique with stock footage.

The Bottom Line
As a video and digital media production company, we are in a space that requires continuous creativity. To maintain originality while telling the stories or sharing the messages of our clients, we try to outdo ourselves with every project. We have a team of very talented writers, production experts, and experienced strategists who are dedicated to their craft and will stop at nothing to meet client expectations. Our goal is to provide marketing and communication solutions through modern video products that every client, large or small, can benefit from, no matter the budget.

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