Five Tips To Help You Get The Most Of Video Production

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Video production is an art by itself. While filming any production with the proper experience, skill, quality, technical assistance, and equipment are important to get the best outcome, the video production team also plays a significant part in creating a great final product. 

When people are looking for someone to assist with video production, they are usually looking through options from a group they already have. Most even look for a camera guy and assume they would be amazing at video production because they shot the footage and assist with the process. Ideally, there are separate teams that deal with videography and video production. Production is usually done behind the scenes while filming and gathering footage is done in person, and they cannot make any changes to reshoot footage at a later point in time.

Here are some tips we put together to assist with the process and make sure the teams they find and plan on working with can get their best work done. People have to make sure they follow these rules if they are looking for a team that they know nothing about or if the clients themselves are not from the video-making background.

Tip #1: Hone your message.
It may seem like common sense, but thinking about your message and the best way to deliver it before production is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a clear and concise video. Ideally, the process includes developing a script or bullet-pointed outline for each of the videos, so the on-screen speaker or voice-over has some direction that they can follow. These steps are especially significant in talking heads, where the speaker too often wants to “wing it”, leading to unstructured, rambling content that doesn’t effectively communicate. Identifying the most relevant points to deliver and structuring them into a concise script or outline goes a long way in projecting expertise and professionalism, which is a task that many find daunting. Luckily media production professionals like Spear & Magic are here to do it for you! By working with clients to collect and prioritize information, we help develop, script and edit messages that communicate effectively and are optimized for the video format.

Tip #2: Lighting and audio are important.
We love amateur videos! Not every piece of media needs to be (or should be) professionally produced, but when it comes to do-it-yourself production, people most often ignore two major aspects; lighting and audio. Far too often, a normally effective piece of communication is ruined by an image that is too dark to be seen or audio that sounds distant, muffled or full of distortion. In today’s age of video phone calls, conferencing, and homemade YouTube uploads, viewers of your video are very forgiving of “amateur” video. Sleek production is not always required as long as the information is valuable and communicated clearly. However, poor lighting and bad audio are the biggest culprits of a failed piece of communication.

Luckily there’s an easy fix- make sure there’s plenty of light & use a microphone when recording. Room lights, windows, and led ring lights can make a huge difference, and USB microphones are readily available.

Of course, professionals like Spear & Magic Productions are always there to provide a proper setup, production advice and affordable solutions for your low-budget media needs as well!

Tip #3: Stay dynamic.
Whether you’re pushing out four videos a year or fifty-two, a stale, repetitive format will only result in bored, disengaged viewers. Keep viewers on their toes by changing up the style and format of your media. If your means are limited, this can be as simple as creating a variety of features within your media- Service overviews, explorations of concepts, news & announcements, how-to’s, rankings, etc. If you have greater means, diversity of style and format is what you want to aim for live-action talking heads, infographics, docu-style case studies, animated explainers, live presentations and more.

Of course, media production professionals like Spear and Magic produce this dynamic content for you, but we can also help in the creative development of features. We know how to spark inspiration and turn a simple one-camera set up into a diverse range of engaging topics and styles.

Tip #4: Shoot more than you need for your project.
When filming the Lord of the Rings series in the early 2000s, director Peter Jackson did something quite innovative at the time- he shot all three movies in his trilogy simultaneously. He made the most of his budget by shooting all his material in one effort.

Video production can be expensive for small businesses and corporations alike. At Spear & Magic Productions, we take a page from Peter Jackson’s budget-conscious technique and maximize the efforts of a production day. We shoot material not just for the project at hand but for any potential future needs. A daily production crew is a fixed cost. Whether the crew shoots an hour of footage or ten hours of footage, the crew cost does not change. If we can cover the material for the current project, plus material for potential upcoming projects, it translates into savings for the client! When the time comes for the next project, the material may already be “in the can”, meaning there may not be any need to pay for more live production!

Tip #5: Build an asset library.
Piggybacking on the last tip, building an asset library of footage, animations, and graphics is a fantastic way to get the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to media production. Dedicating some time in a production day to shoot some generic B-roll footage, office scenes, exteriors, signage, warehouse action, or whatever may be relevant to you as a client will provide a pool of assets you can use for years to come in any variety of media projects. Rendered logo animations, lower-third graphics, or other generic sequences created for your project can be used and reused identically.

Creating, capturing and optimizing these assets are a specialty of digital media professionals like Spear & Magic Productions.

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