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NJ Commercial Video Production Services

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Small Business Solutions from Spear & Magic are designed to help your business leverage video for advertising, Search Engine Optimization and social media content, at a cost that’s Main St. friendly.  Digital video for your website, social media content, business and services profiles, how-to tutorials, explainers, updates, demos, reels, banner video and more!  Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or need some professional guidance, Spear & Magic is here to help find the right video product for your business!

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Meghan Gerrity - Owner Blue Hawaii Vintage

With over 10 years in the Direct Response Industry, Spear & Magic Productions develops compelling short form, long form and digital products for the DRTV industry. We’ve created successful campaigns in categories such as wellness, health & weight loss, beauty, housewares, comfort, travel, and home improvement and specialize in brand-response strategy such as lead generation and home-shopping techniques. Spear & Magic’s network of media planners, buyers, distributers and call centers make us a one-stop solution or starting point for your campaign.

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Animation NJ

Reliable… Responsive… Collaborative.  Reflecting your brand with the highest standard of professionalism, Corporate & Industrial products from Spear & Magic are turnkey solutions for internal OR external communication, marketing, training and more.  Business & Service Profiles, Animated Explainers, Town Hall Recaps, Interactive Courses, Testimonials and Live Event Streaming are just some of the professional products Spear & Magic specializes in for Corporate & Industrial clients.

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Industrial Video Production NJ
  • Seminars
  • Class Room
  • Town Hall
  • Banquets & More!

Professional video production services for your live events

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